Ezaht Al Dory features in ‘Big Project’ magazine

In 2023, our founders Ezaht Al Doory was featured on the front cover of esteemed publication ‘Big Project magazine.

“The demand for uniqueness and distinction has spurred a shift in preferences. Simply put, a standard modern design no longer suffices; it requires an added touch of extraordinary flair to stand out.”

He continues “Ultra-luxury buyers are making purchases at the pinnacle of the market – our properties are being sold for prices ranging from $27mn to $41mn. Currently, we are in negotiations for a property valued at Somn; if finalised this sale will mark our most significant transaction to date. The deal includes an option to rent the property for one year, priced at $2.72mn, setting a new record for the highest rental on the Palm. Last year, we achieved the highest rental record at $2.18mn.”

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Will 2024 be the year Chinese invest in luxury Dubai real estate?

Estilo Architects is a company that provides customized and comprehensive turnkey solutions for the residential sector, architecture, interior design and building development services, as well as home renovation.

According to Emaar Properties, Chinese investments in its projects have doubled to constitute 7% of its total investments, and the reason is due to the easing of travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and the slowdown of the Chinese economy.

Investors are likely to continue flocking to the emirate in 2024 as luxury home prices remain attractive compared to prices in London, New York and other global real estate markets.

One million dollars buys 33 square meters in New York or 34 square meters in London, but it can buy a house of 105 square meters in Dubai.


Boom in branded real estate

Branded properties are likely to continue their upward trajectory in 2024 as well.

In 2022, branded apartments accounted for a fifth of the value of apartment sales in Dubai, and the appetite for branded homes will only increase in 2023 .

He recently paid $55.3 million for a five-bedroom Baccarat-branded apartment in Dubai.

In February, a five-bedroom apartment in Bulgari sold for $43.6 million, and Estilo Architects broke its own record this year for the highest price for a real estate unit on Palm Jumeirah at $41 million.

There are already 48 branded projects in Dubai, and according to Savills, Dubai has the most plans for branded buildings in the development pipeline of any market in the EMEA region until 2030.

This year, the real estate market also supported other initiatives such as allowing 100% direct foreign ownership in more than 1,000 industrial and commercial sectors, and the introduction of multiple-entry tourist visas.

In addition, the UAE has maintained its position and reputation as a safe haven for investment amid global uncertainty, which will continue to push investors to purchase their primary and secondary homes in the country .

According to Standard & Poor’s, the UAE’s economy is expected to grow by 4% in 2024, driven by the non-oil sector. The strong economy, the continuous influx of foreign investments, and high population levels are all factors that will contribute to the growth of the luxury real estate sector in 2024.


Luxury real estate market in 2023

Dubai made headlines this year thanks to the performance of its luxury real estate market, with sales in Dubai reaching $1.6 billion in the third quarter of this year, with sales of luxury homes priced more than $10 million reaching 277 homes, surpassing the numbers in New York and Hong Kong. Kong and London, according to consulting firm Knight Frank.


In its Global Cities Index for the second quarter of 2023, Knight Frank wrote that residential real estate prices in Dubai rose by 225% compared to the third quarter of 2020.

In addition, the report revealed that the city occupied first place in the second quarter of the year in terms of price increases for eight consecutive quarters, and the report stated that the emirate moved to second place in the third quarter of the year due to the slowdown in price growth from 11.6% in the second quarter to 0.7%. % in the third quarter.


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Estilo Architects unveils 2024 Dubai luxury real estate trends

Dubai has been capturing global headlines throughout 2023 for its stellar luxury, residential, real estate performance. Dubai’s ultra-prime home sales reached US$ 1.6 billion in Q3 of this year, with luxury home sales priced over US$ 10 million reaching a count of 277, surpassing figures from New York, Hong Kong, and London, according to consultancy Knight Frank.

In its Q2 2023 Prime Global Cities Index, the consultancy said that Dubai’s residential prices soared by 225% compared to a pandemic influenced low in Q3 2020. In addition, the report revealed the city has held the number one position for the annual price growth of properties for eight straight quarters. In its Q3 2023 Prime Global Cities Index, the report said the emirate moved into second position in the consultancy’s global ranking, due to a slowing in quarterly price growth from 11.6% tracked in Q2 to 0.7% in Q3. Although growth slowed from Q2 to Q3, the figures still represent nine consecutive quarters of growth.

Looking to 2024, Dubai is in a strong position to continue attracting tourists, investors, and immigration, in turn maintaining a steady growth of its real estate market. The UAE government’s on-going focus on the implementation of economic and social initiatives designed to sustain long-term, economic growth can be seen via the likes of the golden visa scheme, open trade with most countries and the hosting of global events, such as the imminent COP28.

Initiatives such as allowing 100% direct foreign ownership in more than 1,000 commercial and industrial practices, the introduction of insolvency laws, improving the ease of doing business, introducing multiple-entry tourist visas, minimal taxation, and others will continue to have a positive impact. In addition, the UAE as a whole has diligently maintained its status and reputation as a safe haven for investment amid global uncertainties, which will continue to drive investors to scoop up first and second homes.

According to data from Knight Frank, $4.91 billion has been spent on luxury homes in Dubai alone, this year to date, with $1.59 billion being spent on homes worth $10 million or more in Q3 2023 alone.

A resurgence in demand from investors from markets such as China and India is also expected to contribute to future growth in the emirate’s luxury real estate sector in 2024. According to developer Emaar Properties, Chinese investments into its projects roughly doubled to comprise 7% of its total sales in the first half of 2023, from 3 to 4% in the same period in 2022. For Chinese buyers, returning to Dubai’s property segment is being fuelled by the relaxation of imposed travel restrictions and a slowing of China’s economy.

Despite significant growth in luxury home asking prices in Dubai in the last 12 months, investors are likely to continue flocking to the emirate in 2024 as its luxury homes remain attractively priced compared to those in London, New York, and other global real estate markets. Real estate experts note that $1 million will buy 33 square metres (sqm) in New York or 34sqms in London, where the same price will secure a 105sqm home in Dubai, thus representing significant value for money for both residents and investors.

Another luxury real estate trend that is likely to continue its upward trajectory in 2024 is the branded apartment and townhouse segment. In 2022, branded apartments made up a fifth of the value of all apartment sales in Dubai and the appetite for branded homes has only grown in 2023.

A buyer recently agreed to pay $55.3 million for a five-bedroom Baccarat-branded apartment in Dubai, while in February of this year, a five-bedroom apartment was sold in the Bulgari Lighthouse for $43.6 million. Estilo Architects beat its own record this year, previously set in 2022, for the highest value property sold on the Palm Jumeirah, to date, at $41 million. Four dozen branded projects are already present in Dubai, and – as per Savills – the city is said to have the most branded schemes in its development pipeline of any market in the EMEA region by 2030, thus indicating significant confidence in this segment by developers.

According to Standard & Poor, the UAE economy is forecasted to grow 4% in 2024, driven by the non-oil sector, which is expected to benefit from growth in tourism, government initiatives, and technological advancements. The strong economy, the continued influx of foreign investments (as a result of its safe and stable environment) and rising population levels will all contribute to growth in the luxury real estate segment in 2024.

Estilo has plans to complete as many as 18 luxury properties, with another 42 set to begin design phase, in Dubai’s luxury real estate locations such as, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Hills, Emirates Hills and latest, predicted hotspot, Jumeirah Palm Islands. The architecture and design studio also anticipates an increase of up to 15% in listing prices in 2024.


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Estilo Architects Reports 75% YoY Growth for H1 2023

Estilo Architects, a distinguished luxury architectural firm that has garnered a reputation for excellence across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, proudly announces an outstanding 75% year-over-year (YoY) gross income growth for the first half of 2023.

Establishing its presence over the last decade, Estilo Architects has risen to prominence in the luxury architectural sphere. The brand is renowned for its exceptional residential portfolios and strategic collaborations with top international design companies and developers. Estilo provides a comprehensive solution spanning architecture, interior design, and construction. Notably, the company operates both as a developer and designer, boasting a storied legacy in prestigious locations such as Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills. The company’s expansion in 2023 has seen Estilo embrace new locations in Dubai including Dubai Hills and Jumeirah Bay, as well as internationally in Greece and The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Estilo has managed to outperform its peers in the luxury space for two key reasons: talent and project value. It has been hiring only the region’s top architects and interior designers as well as restructuring to form a leaner and more effective business. The total number of projects has risen by 26% attributing the gross income figure to an average project value increase of 55% YoY.

In 2023, Estilo Architects celebrated its involvement in a record-breaking deal worth $30m (Dh110 million). Another unprecedented deal made by Estilo was a $2.75m (Dh10 million) rental for one year, setting a new standard for luxury rentals in Dubai. This achievement surpassed the Palm’s previous year”s rental record of $2.18 (Dh8 million), also set by Estilo. The firm is set to break its own record again in Q4 of this year with the design and build of a Palm property for $40m (Dh150 million), underscoring the brand’s continued success.

Dubai”s residential real estate market displays a range of growth prospects over the upcoming 12 to 24 months. Palm Jumeirah continues to stand as a dominant force, registering a remarkable 20% YoY growth in transaction volume, solidifying its position as Dubai”s most bustling residential hub. Jumeirah Bay, despite its higher pricing, has experienced substantial construction activities and an impressive 35% increase in high-value transactions in the past six months. Dubai Hills, recognised for its remarkable expansion and favourable pricing in comparison to ultra-luxury areas, has recorded a significant 25% YoY growth in transaction volume. Meanwhile, Emirates Hills, considered a highly sought-after locale, maintains its appeal among discerning buyers with consistent property price increases of approximately 8% YoY.

Estilo Architects is strategically positioned to capitalise on the opportunities presented by these burgeoning luxury real estate segments. With a focused approach on the Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay in the short and medium term, Estilo remains attentive to the potential of Dubai Hills and Emirates Hills, closely monitoring their market performance. The business also has further plans for international expansion across Europe and in Los Angeles.

Ezaht Al Doory, CEO at Estilo Architects commented: “Our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainable practices, and dedication to evolving luxury trends have solidified Estilo Architects’ status as the preferred choice for discerning clients seeking the epitome of opulence in Dubai and beyond. With an exceptional portfolio of luxury homes, we continue to redefine luxury real estate.”

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Estilo’s favourite cars for your new villa in 2022

2022 is geared up to be an exciting year for the property market, and of course our homes comes with plenty of space to keep a collection of some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Here’s some inspiration for what you might be parking in your driveway with 5 of our favourite new models this year.

Ferrari Roma
The new Ferrari Roma stands out with it’s ultra sleek lines and remains an icon symbol of luxury.
The new Range Rover Vogue with it’s 2022 redesign is the go to vehicle for style, perfect for a statement as an individual or a family. We especially love the new rear body and lighting system
Drop top Bentley Continental is the car to be seen in around Palm Jumeirah, we have to agree.
The latest Porsche Panamera brings a classy choice which still remains an original, every day choice for our clients.
Finally, an icon for the Middle East, the Mercedes G Class, in particular we love this new colour with back rims to really stand out from the crowd.

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Behind the scenes with our construction team

We’ve been on site for a recent project and captured images of our amazing build and interior team hard at work. From David our site manager to Abdulla our construction assistant. They help us turn each concept into the final build. Every detail is crafted with precision and care to deliver homes our clients can cherish forever. We hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes.

The build interior team installing our new herringbone panels to the floor
Abdulla, striking a pose as we close in on completion of the interior works
Ezaht our founder reviewing the lighting details of the feature staircase
Antony our plastering expert carefully completing the ceiling skimming

It’s an incredible effort to create living experiences of the highest standard and only achievable by a seamless team effort right from initial concept sketches through to the final build details and snagging. These photos aim to give you a feel for the care and attention we go to when building your next home.

Our sales team passing by the see the progress
Ezaht looking over the impressive ground floor living space
Our site manager David keeping track on timings and progress

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Stunning marble trends for your interior

2021 has been our busiest year yet and marble has been one of the most popular and requested materials. It’s durability and ability to make any space feel unique makes it an incredibly exciting product to work with. Here’s some of our favourite marble styles from our interior design team here at Estilo.

The striking, stand out effect marble can create
Statuario stone used elegantly against a minimal wall
Armani Grey
Black Sahara Noir
Black and white marble
Tundra Grey
Cinderella, our interior design lead

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your interior design ideas with Cinderella and our interior team, we have a huge selection of materials in our studio and love thinking of new designs with our clients.

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The future of Architectural Design

As we delve into more complex technologies and advancements, Architects dive into programs and methodologies not only to accelerate the project building but also to give a room for detailed refinement and artistic expression. Styles can be achieved by today’s automated manufacturing methods and parametric design programs that allows Architect to produce mass customised, adaptive, and contextual design.

This architectural design method is Parametricism; an algorithmic approach of combined architectural design, construction aspects, project management and digital involvement. Known as the third revolution in the industry; the era of robotics, mass customization and computation.

Test image description
Test image description

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Lighting as an artform

Clients consider hiring lighting consultants and designers to ensure a balance with the interior elements. To enhance the indoor design, proper lighting setting is a must. Proper setting means considering the essential mood of the home. With small and distinctive consideration, light features a vital piece of undeniable beauty around your home.

Simplicity and scale creates a unique bathroom experience
Minimalist lighting and tastefully selected colours defines the space
Natural sunlight is used to the advantage of this terrace commercial space
Careful consideration of where to use light can create elegant and unique experiences
Natural and artificial lighting is used here to excite and define the area

Take a look inside our latest villa project

Your home is a statement… Estilo Architects’ has completed a 10,300 sq. ft villa of 6-bedrooms with magnificent indoor and outdoor design aesthetics.

Public spaces feature luxurious feel of grounded furniture choice from renowned brands. Sea view architectural design, frames Dubai Marina skyline – a design aesthetics implementing cantilever with strong lines to hold the horizon and view which settles with the reflective water feature and floating travertine marble that is most likely admirable.

Delivery of this piece of art is significant in fulfilling our commitment to be part of something awesome.

The incredible entrance experience of M114, Palm Jumeirah

Modernism, luxury and comfort, perfectly blended together for our clients

The amazing swimming pool area and view

All about the details, from the wooden floors to the finishing ornaments

Views don’t get much better. Designed so the stars meet the land

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Estilo wins a Luxury Lifestyle 2021 award

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”Max McKeown

Estilo Team would like to thank Luxury Lifestyle Awards in recognising Estilo Architects as the ‘Best in Architecture’ and ‘Interior Design’ of this year. This acknowledgement will set a platform for Estilo Architects design creativity and delivery efforts.

Estilo Architects’ adaptability in diverse design trends deliver in-dept and one of the kind architectural design deliverables and luxury feel interior aesthetics.

Estilo’s double awards from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021

Light and Shadow

Light and shadow add qualities into a room like depth & dimension, realism and visual effect. The concepts are explained more below:

Depth & Dimension
Creates spaciousness in a room that is important in interior design. Youshould always give a room for breathing. Not cramped but you need visual. Depth to be incorporated in the design to help it appear more open.

Light and shadow gives texture into any room. It can refer to rough or smooth finishes, glossy or dull. You can feel the real feel of a material when it has shadow and light.

Visual Effect
This effect are the shapes that creates the shadow from any light. It creates a mood in the design or a room that usually imparts a cozy, romantic and even sharpness feeling.

Carefully chosen framing can deliver unique and unexpected experiences

In summary I do believe in the philosophy of a famous Architect…

Architects in planning rooms today have forgotten their faith in natural light. Depending on the touch of a finger to a switch, they are satisfied with static light and forget the endlessly changing qualities of natural light, in which room is a different room every second of the day.
Louis Kha

Floor to ceiling windows and modern interior blends to create stunning lines

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