Ezaht Al Dory features in ‘Big Project’ magazine

Our founder discusses the market and Estilo's latest cutting edge project.

By Estilo Architects

In 2023, our founders Ezaht Al Doory was featured on the front cover of esteemed publication ‘Big Project magazine.

“The demand for uniqueness and distinction has spurred a shift in preferences. Simply put, a standard modern design no longer suffices; it requires an added touch of extraordinary flair to stand out.”

He continues “Ultra-luxury buyers are making purchases at the pinnacle of the market – our properties are being sold for prices ranging from $27mn to $41mn. Currently, we are in negotiations for a property valued at Somn; if finalised this sale will mark our most significant transaction to date. The deal includes an option to rent the property for one year, priced at $2.72mn, setting a new record for the highest rental on the Palm. Last year, we achieved the highest rental record at $2.18mn.”

To hear more from Ezaht and Estilo, you can reach out via the links below, our social channels or give us a call.