A seamless blend of architecture and lifestyle by the tranquilly of the ocean.
  • Location:
    Palm Jumeirah
  • Size:
    35,600 sq ft
  • Bedrooms:
  • Status:
    In Progress


Estilo was engaged to create a luxury home of epic scale. Expansive glass windows and sliding doors, providing breath-taking views. The villa boasts a contemporary design, with stylish furnishings and sleek finishes. Balcony extends from one side offering a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoying the coastal panorama.

Exclusive Materials

  • Roma Stone Pietra Grey

  • Sukabumi Tiles

Showcase Gallery

Exterior street view
Exterior rear left
Exterior street view right
Exterior rear right
Exterior street view left
Key Features
  • 8 Bedrooms
  • Infinity Pool
  • 9 Parking Spaces
  • Indoor Cinema
  • Gym
  • Entertainment Room
  • Salon & Spa
  • Roof Terrace Infinity Pool

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